While we often are running some type of promotion or special the vast majority of our carpet cleaning falls between .17 and .25 cents a square foot with .20 being the average. You can see a few recently completed quotes on our blog post at:

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One of the reasons we have an extremely high retention rate with our customers is the level of service we provide. There are countless jobs that i have gone to where quotes have been adjusted down. In short, if i don’t believe a particular service that we offer will benefit your personal situation I will bring that up and mention it to you. Hillsboro – Forest Grove – Beaverton really is a small community and our reputation is everything. We are absolutely not a bait and switch cleaner that offers teaser low prices over the phone only to turn around and upsell you when we arrive and or run through and do a so-so job. Our entire business model is based on hard work and the repeats and referrals that we develop.

Give us a call at 503 201 1474 if you have any questions and we can work up a no pressure personalized quote in 5 minutes or less

A quick breakdown of how we figure cost is this. time+materials+labor=

What that actually means to you as a customer is this. cleaner carpet takes MUCH less product and MUCH less time than a room that has had renters who own a great dane with a muddy back yard. one of the more common calls we get is basically this: “hello, we have a 1700sq 2 level house with 3-4 bedrooms upstairs, a split downstairs with a living room and bonus room. 2 of the bedrooms are pretty dirty and so is the bonus room but the rest of it isn’t all that bad”. On average this is 1000sq of carpeted floor space with certain areas that will take longer but some that may go a bit quicker than usual. An estimate would likely be somewhere around $200 base charge + $40-50 for a heavy detergent and minor spotting in the affected areas of the dirty rooms. This creates a finished price of $240-250. At the same time if the carpet was like new and just needed a simple rinse it would not be unusual to come in under 200, possibly as low as $160. Here at Mountain View Carpet we really don’t try and nickle and dime you to death or flat rate costs just to try and make a sale. Generally what happens with flat rate pricing like $35 a room is this. if it’s easy it’s $35, if it’s heavily soiled it’s still $35 and you get the same job as if it was in great shape. this can leave streaking in the carpet, discoloration. a general grimey appearance and a host of other issues.