Residential Carpet Cleaning

Have you been looking around the web trying to make heads or tails out of the various companies that you can hire to clean your carpet? It’s definitely not the easiest thing in the world. What’s worse is it’s often difficult to find out just what it is that you’re buying. With Mountain View Carpet Care, here’s the break down:

• We listen to what you’re telling us. In fact you may notice that common theme in our site. Our whole business really is based around what you, the customer, are after in the job you hired us for. In short; we’re happy to answer ANY question you may have and absolutely care about customer satisfaction.

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When you call us, we will need to know the following:

• Home location
• Approximate square footage of the carpeted area to be cleaned
• What type of condition the carpet is in {layman’s terms}
• If there are any pet damaged areas, if you’re unsure we can help you

That’s it!

Our normal rates are .18 cents to .35 cents a square foot {$25-$50-for a 12×12-room, you can also see our prices page for finished quotes} and that includes the following:

• One of 3 types carpet pre spray. The biggest difference between the 3 is in the level of aggressiveness, think mild to wild. Our most gentle pre spray is eco friendly and carpet protector safe, second is a Hydramaster product called Fast Break it’s biggest benefit over the eco friendly pre spray is a higher concentration of solvents. if you have a little more grime this works well and is completely protector safe. Last is the “wild” category. it’s another Hydramaster product only this time it’s named Blitz. This is one of the most aggressive pre sprays available on the professional market and is EXTREMELY effective in commercial, automotive and heavily soiled residential applications. All 3 can be adjusted with other products to address dirt, grease, ink or other various issues in the carpet

• We will rake or power buff the pre spray concentrating on the heaviest, grimiest areas. Agitation often helps with the final cleaning.

• Finally we steam clean and extract all of the the pre-spray, dirt, and grime out of the fiber. This is another place that multiple products can be used. Our most popular is a fiber rinse from Prochem. It’s ultra low residue and does an incredible job with leaving the carpet fiber feeling new. If your carpet is a little dirtier it just might be time for dry slurry. Another product we can use is from Planet Guard, it’s a fiber rinse which is 100% detergent free. No soaps, surfactants, synthetic chemistries, dyes or perfume.

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Curious about the large spread in pricing? It’s based around how involved the job is. The vast majority of our work bids around .20/sq but heavily soiled, greasy, stained carpet really does take us twice the time and twice the amount of product compared to a cleaner home. We also offer 15% off to customers who want to get on a regular cleaning schedule every six months or 10% off yearly which really helps with controlling the dust mites. Click here to learn more about them dust mite removal

What about carpet protector? We apply that as well but there are a few specific things that should be pointed out when it comes to applying what most of us would call Scotchguard. First the carpet must be under a ph7 when the protector is applied. This makes a finish clean with a fiber rinse mandatory before we cal effectively apply carpet protector. The amount of Scotchguard that actually sticks to the fiber if detergent {ph7+} is left in the carpet is drastically reduced. We highly recommend reapplication after every 3rd cleaning to maintain the stain resistant qualities of modern nylon carpet. A complete pdf. file on carpet protector and how it works can be found here at: Everything you wanted to know about carpet protector but were afraid to ask

Below is another finished example of our work:

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