Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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We specialize in working around the schedule of every business owner. We understand that the last thing you want at any retail location is a carpet cleaner in the middle of the floor. A fair amount of the cleaning process is similar to our Residential Page with a few notable differences. Our main highlights are:

commercial carpet cleaning

• Working around your schedule at no extra charge for late night work

• Strong references from local business owners

• Higher end cleaning products. We don’t skimp just to come up with the lowest bid

The last bullet point is notable since it often allows the business owner to go longer between cleaning cycles. One example of this is with a local Vancouver Restaurant some of you may have visited. When Who Song And Larry’s originally hired us they were use to having the carpets cleaned every two months. After seeing the amount of traffic wear and grease we were able to get out of their carpet they decided to extend cleaning intervals to three months. Of course we do enjoy working as much as possible but customer satisfaction and offering the best value for your dollar is our #1 concern