Automotive Carpet Cleaning

automotive carpet cleaning

I’m a car nut, there’s just no other way to put it. From the day i was able to drive i quickly found my way to the race track and started tuning sports cars. That said it’s one of the reasons we’re so effective at cleaning automotive interiors. If you have leather, cloth, or a hybrid fabric in your interior upholstery we can get you taken care of. Those years spent building cars have lead to a very solid understand of what happens in the automotive environment. Here’s a quick run down of the average cleaning:

• Seat and carpet inspection

• Vacuum first if necessary

• Treat spots with the proper product

• Degrease if necessary

• Pre spray the fabric of the automobile

• Clean and extract with temperature appropriate hot water extraction.

automotive carpet cleaning

We also specialize in RV’s, big rigs, and anything else that has wheels {or tracks although we haven’t cleaned a tank yet} Dirty floor mats? we have those down! Specialty service such as water damage and mold removal are not a problem either.

rv carpet cleaning