About us

carpet cleaning north plains

A few years back I started this company after burning out in the world of finance. Some of you may not realize it but a stock broker is really nothing more than a glorified used car salesman. We would cold call wealthy people in order to get them to invest. It’s stressful, mind numbing; and I just couldn’t see a future in my particular area with the massive shift to online investing. After looking at potential business ventures that included buying into a franchise, consulting, and service work; carpet cleaning almost jumped out in front of me. There was a real hole in the market for quality work at reasonable rates. I found this out when I was that customer calling around trying to get my home cleaned before moving. It seemed that I was either going to rent a rug doctor and try to get the place clean myself, or i was going to hire someone. After Googling a few minutes it quickly became apparent that the small Rug Doctors couldn’t hold a candle to professional equipment. After making a few calls I wound up hiring Checkmate rather than try to Rug Doctor it. That memory is one of the founding thoughts of the business i started years ago. I knew there had to be a way to offer the very best in cleaning AND at a reasonable price. There is, it’s called low overhead. This fairly simple business model has worked well for years and can be expanded into the future. Combine this with our mission statement of making the customer happy and it quickly became a winning combination.