How to treat recently spilled red wine

Recently spill a little wine while watching TV? Don’t worry there is a pretty effective home remedy that can work on many types of synthetic carpet

red wine spill

First, don’t scrub on it with dish soap or a bottle of whatever you find under the sink. red wine has pigment that actually belong to the anthocyanin class of food coloring products. This really isn’t something you want to leave on your carpet as they bond with the fiber.

Step one in this process is to blot up as much as you can with a dry towel. Once you have pulled up as much as possible with your towel an assessment needs to be done. Did most of it come right out? Is there still a dark red spot?

in the order of mild spot to bottle on the floor here’s a good process

1. First try plain water, on a rag, then flooding the area with ounces of pure water, then blotting dry with a rag. if more comes up this is good. do this until no more is pulling up

2. Step two is a mild carpet safe detergent. Don’t use dish soap unless you absolutely have to. You can mix up laundry detergent in a spray bottle with warm water, and or just dissolve it in a bowl. The reason we want to minimuze how much detergent goes on the carpet is simple. You have to rinse it out at some point and dish soap is a chore to rinse out completely. If you don’t, guess what area turns dark and attracts grime a month later. Spray your mixture on the carpet, blood, rub if need be, see if more comes up, if so, repeat until no more does. Make sure you rinse this out with plain water at the end.

3. Step three really gets broken down by severity and product type. If the stain hasn’t been removed by this point there are chemical oxidizers and reducers that work on various red types. boxed wine is typically harder to remove than natural and behaves more like kool-aid due to the synthetic dye. There is a very handy too that deals with various spills on carpet from Pro’s Choice Stain Guide – Click Here

Time is incredibly important with any pigment stain and the sooner you treat it or call us, the higher your odds of removal will be.

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