What can i expect with cost?

carpet cleaning prices

Curious where finished quotes often fall?

Our Residential Carpet Cleaning page has a MUCH more thorough walk through of the cleaning process.

The below quotes are from finished jobs. With any luck it will give you a ballpark idea before you call. Our main prices page can also be found at our main prices page click here

• 1450sq/ft Beaverton townhouse, aprox 70% or 1000sq/ft carpet, low-avg dirt & grime on Scholls Ferry, came out like new $220

• 4000sq/ft home in Lake Oswego, aprox 60% carpet or 2300sq/ft, heavy grime in areas, like new in others, red stain removal & pet damage $520

• 1300sq/ft ranch home in Hillsboro, aprox 70% carpet or 900sq/ft in good condition, light to moderate soil and one small pet area $180

• 790sq/ft 1bd 1st floor apartment in Tansborne, aprox 60-70% carpet light to moderate soil $109

• 1600sq/ft home in West Linn, aprox 80% carpet with heavy grime, pet damage and a LOT of soil, couch and chair also cleaned $350

• 2100sq/ft home in Hillsboro, aprox 70% carpet, fair to good condition, 2 level, 3bd, hall, living, dining $250

• 1700sq 2lv home in hillsboro, aprox 1000sq of carpet with 2 rooms needs heavy detergent and spotting $270

• 1400sq townhome, just the living room area and 1 set of stairs. $129 base for room + stairs + $30 for 3 urine spots created by small-ish dog

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